Professional Stump Grinding Services in the Plainfield Area and Surrounding Cities.

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Tree Removal

A dying or diseased tree is a danger to anyone near it. A dead tree, or limb, falling on your home or a neighbor’s, poses a very real threat and must be given quick attention. If a tree on your land looks weak or in poor condition, please contact Joru Tree Service, LLC. If the tree can be saved, let us take care of it. If it’s beyond hope, our professional opinion (Certified Arborist) can help with the removal. We are licensed and insured for your protection and also carry workman’s comp insurance.


Tree trimming

Our professional tree trimmers are skilled to properly maintain your tree to avoid cracking limbs that might otherwise fail to balance their own weight. We also cut specifically for symmetry, allowing your tree to experience both a balanced look and balanced growth. Finally, certified arborists cleaning up after a hurricane or other major storm greatly help with the recovery. 

Stump Grinding

Joru Tree Service, Inc offers a complete package of tree care services from tree limb removal, pruning, certified arborist consult, lot cleanup, tree cutting, as well as tree stump grinding. Call us today at (908) 405-1749 to talk to one of our experienced staff to learn more about tree stump grinding along with any other tree care needs you may have.